What Are Major Issues In Heavy Duty Truck Repair And How To Resolve It

For a majority of people, the heavy-duty engines are the biggest investments and there is no reason to compromise the repair work or fixing minor issues. Whether it is a used truck or a new vehicle, you have to find out the problems that exist before knowing how to deal with them. After all, you will never want the budget to skyrocket rather want to remain within the range.

Knowing the scenario

There are different companies selling these trucks in the market and it often makes the decisions meandering. Depending on the model in which you have invested you may experience issues but the amount of time for which the truck runs every day also has an impact on its functioning. Ideally, you must avoid buying those models that are known to have reported more problems than their counterparts. Reading the reviews on the internet is the best way to go. When it comes to heavy duty truck repair the approach is what makes real sense.

Functioning of transmission

Transmission is one of the most important components of these trucks and whether you have purchased new or used vehicle, you have to check whether it has an automatic or manual transmission. If you need to change this component it involves some expenses but there is surely another way out. With heavy duty truck repair you have to move ahead with a careful approach. Regular maintenance is to be carried out to avoid major issues.

Formation of rust

Checking the entire body of the vehicle can reveal the problems of rust. The chances are that there are problem areas in the vehicle that have probably led to the formation of rust in different parts of the vehicle for which the solutions may not come easily. If it is an old truck, the problems may become more intense and deal with them may require careful supervision by the experts.

Oil leaks from engine

When you begin dealing with the problems in these trucks, you will come across the problem of a leak in which the oil comes out of the engine. Ignoring the problem for a long time can aggravate the issues. Consulting the services of expert mechanics can offer the best advice when the leaks start growing out of the control.

Damage to the rubber hose

Of the common problems that exist in the heavy-duty vehicles, issues in the rubber hose might force you to visit a mechanic. Make sure that you get the work done soon as the vehicle might catch fire if this issue is not resolved with proper actions.

Eyeing on the problems

What is needed is a sharp eye on the problems that might erupt anytime. Instead of splurging on repair work of these vehicles you must take one problem at a time and work on it to find the solutions.

Inspection of the vehicle

Whether it is a new or old vehicle that you have acquired, it is good enough to inspect the vehicle. Make sure that no problems must grow in leaps and bounds which lead to more hazards for which the work of repair may take longer and turn out to be expensive.

Do It Yourself Truck Repair, The Toolbox Essentials

Remember when all you really needed to fix your own truck was a little bit of mechanical inclination, a small tool box and that dogeared repair manual? Man, do I miss those days sometimes! Nowadays its OBDII, fuel trim, O2 sensors, evaporative emissions and allot of other jargon that can make your eyes cross. Lets cover some the the “must have” items you should have in your arsenal! The actual tools that reside in your box are not what I’m referring to. Those tools are the easy part. I’m referring to those specialty items that make diagnosing and repairing your vehicle a whole lot easier.

– A quality Scan Tool, not just a “code reader”, it should be able to give you basic data stream information about your vehicle. This is critical when trying to diagnose a problem or “check engine light” issue.

– A quality DVOM (multimeter). Another critical item for testing the electrical components of your truck

– Internet access! Yes, you heard it right. And heres why:

1. Say your check engine light comes on, you scan your truck and come up with a P0301 code. Simply “google” that puppy and you’ve got like 25 search pages of free help!

2. And on any number of those search pages you’ll find general and specific vehicle forums to join for free! Simply sign up and post your questions. You’ll get helpful tips from professionals and fellow forum members.

3. This is for you hardcore DIYer’s, A number of the professional vehicle repair data base companies are now offering a DIY version of their services on line. For a small monthly fee, usually a “per vehicle” charge, you have access to their database full of information, repair procedures, code descriptions, trouble shooting guides and wiring diagrams!

Bear in mind some of these items can be quite expensive. But there are some really good deals out there, you just have to shop around! And be wary of used equipment, make sure the seller has a good return policy if your shopping on the internet. Repairing your own vehicle can be a daunting task! I hope some of these tips and suggestions help to ease the frustration when problems arise.

Until next time,