Volvo Penta Outdrivers

Volvo Penta History

Volvo Penta history goes back to 1868, when Shofde Gjuteri och Mekaniska Verkstad founded it. They started by manufacturing iron goods and hardware. During the 1920’s the first breakthrough for Penta occurred. In 1922, the first outboard engine was introduced. In 1925, Penta got its first order for engines from AB Volvo; two years later the first Volvo cars were running using Penta engines entirely. In the 1930’s, Volvo’s business became more important for Penta, and in 1935, Volvo purchased the engine company, and renamed it Volvo Pentaverken. The name was later shortened to just Volvo Penta. In 1946, a great innovation came into play; the first in-line six cylinder diesel engines were created. This meant that engines were now quieter and ran with pre combustion. This again allowed the company to be in the spotlight and forerunner of the industry. Another breakthrough came in 1954, when the first in a series of turbo diesel engines were introduced. In 1982, Volvo Penta became an independent subsidiary of the Volvo Group. These Volvo engines and out drivers are also being used in boats.

Volvo Penta Outdriver Repairs

If you are having problems with your Volvo Penta Outdrivers you might want to do the following things first before taking the car or boat into the shop for repair. First consult your owner’s manual and see what tips and advise they offer consumers who are experiencing problems with the outdrivers. If none of those tips work, before taking it in, you way want to try the following. If your system is electric and has a jack-screw type lift, and you can actually hear the motor running, then first make sure that the outdriver is in the down and in the locked position. You will then need to locate the motor for the lift, look for the black box that is just above the motor, with the wires running to it. Remove this box from the pole that it is sitting on. You will then need to remove the top part of the pole.

You will see that there is a nut molded onto the pole, it is approximately six inches from t he top. Once you remove it you will then be able to get a good view of the jack-screw and a two inch spring. Many times it is this spring that could be your problem, it may have lost its tension. If this is your problem, all that you will need to do is to add a new washer to the top of the spring; this will help to reestablish the tension in the spring that was missing before. You must make sure that the center of the washer is big enough for the jack-screw to fit exactly through, do not get a washer that is too small or too big, it will not work with the system. Then all that is left for you to do is to screw the top of the pole back on, and then replace the black box into its original position. When you reattach the black box, make sure that the nut is on the bottom of the box directly underneath the pole. If it is not in the correct position it will not function correctly and the motor will just stop.

If after doing this task, the outdriver is still not working correctly, then you will have to take the car or boat into the shop. You should consult your manual to find a qualified and licensed Volvo Penta mechanic. This way you will feel confident in the person who is working on the problem.