Battery Reconditioning Basics

Battery reconditioning has become very easy with the introduction of new techniques. With the correct skills and some quality equipment, which is nevertheless cheap at under $250, anyone can start raising batteries from the dead. A decent guide will also be required but most retail for only around $50. They usually come in downloadable format for ease of use and with plenty of useful extra links.

Possible Uses

With manual and kit, you are ready to go. You are about to save money around the home, for family members and friends. Alternatively, battery reconditioning makes for an excellent part-time or full-time business. It can easily be grown from a few very profitable hours a week to a thriving store or forecourt, all at your own pace. It is worth adding, as a kind of footnote, that if you really just want it for home use, you can get away with an outlay of well under $100, including the manual.

Battery Analyzer

The most expensive piece of kit is the computerized battery analyzer, at around $130. It plugs into your computer or laptop and gives precision readings which can be critical for effective rejuvenation of many batteries. It can mean the difference between restoring a battery to almost 100% of its original charge and arriving at under 80%. It should be capable of testing up to 48 volts, 150 watts and 40 amps.

Smart Charger

Next a smart charger really does make sense. It is designed to recognize a fully charged battery and then revert to a trickle charge. A normal charger is a bit cheaper, but there is little point in being penny wise and pound foolish here. Types of Battery Suitable for Battery Reconditioning All types of battery can be reconditioned. These include NiCd, NiMh, lithium based and lead acid batteries. Once you have the knowledge of how to bring a battery back to life, the crucial thing is simply to be able to analyze it first before even bothering. Around 40% of batteries will be truly beyond redemption.

Cowl Trim Tag – What Is It and How Do I Use It?

The cowl trim tag was used on chevrolet cars during the classic car era to record descriptions and installed options. The cowl trim tag is a thin aluminum plate that was riveted to the firewall or “cowl” of GM classic cars.

The cowl trim tag is often mistaken to be the holy grail of classic car identification. Sorry to say, it won’t reveal every detail about your classic car.

OK. So who needs to know these things? Anyone who knows which series of classic cars were a hot item, like an SS, would want to verify an SS series classic car if they were restoring or buying one. If a classic car were dramatically modified over the years, you would need this information. Considering the asking prices for some hot classic muscle cars are now higher than new cars, you want to be sure you get what you pay for.

Imagine this…You’ve recently bought a 1964 Impala that looks like it’s seen better days. Someone in the car’s past thought it would look better in white paint with a red crushed velvet interior… with dingle balls. It just has to go back to original, you wouldn’t be seen dead in that interior.

So let’s look at the cowl trim tag on this 64 Impala and see what it says. Keep in mind the format for the cowl trim tag is different for other ranges of years. This format only applies to years 1964 through 1967.

  3. STYLE 64-1847 AT013173 BODY
  4. TRIM 874 975 PAINT
  5. ACC E 2KS

Line 2 in this cowl trim tag has the production date code. This is important when Regular Production Option codes (RPO’s) may have changed at some point during the model year and you need to be sure which option belongs on your car.

Line 3 is the model year-body style, assembly plant and chassis number. The body style number says it was a v8 model 2 door sport coupe. AT means the car was assembled in Atlanta. The chassis number would only mean something if it were something special like the first 64 Impala produced. The chassis number is also in the VIN.

Line 4 is for the trim code which tells us about the interior, and then the paint code. In this case we want to know that the interior was done in red cloth with a split front bench seat. The paint was 2 tone, Desert Fawn on top and Sunfire Red on the lower half. Hmm, that sounds like a nice color combination!

Line 5 is the accessory code. This line is made up of 1-5 groups of codes. This cowl trim tag only has the first 2 groups. If the cowl trim tag has no codes in the other groups, you should assume those options were never installed. The E in group one tells us it has factory tinted glass all around. The number 2 delineates group 2, K is air conditioning, and S is manual rear antenna.

How would we use this cowl trim tag info? If we needed to replace some glass, we’d look for tinted windows, or if the rear antenna was missing we’d know we had to replace it.

This doesn’t reveal anything fantastic about the car except that it would be useful info if the car was missing indicated parts. The option codes would be in group 4 of line 5 if the car were an SS. Since there are none, we know we have a 2 tone red and beige 2 door v8 sport coupe with factory air. In this case, this info helps a lot!

You would use the information found on the cowl trim tag in addition to Suffix Code Guides, and along with Factory Part and Casting Number Guides in order to get the full picture. Together with the Factory Shop Manual and Assembly Manual, tearing down your classic car and re-assembling it is almost like paint by number.

Plasma Cutter Reviews – Lotos – Important Product Features and Prices

Plasma cutter reviews lotos for your benefit!

The plasma cutter reviews Lotos specifically deals with the user experiences and important recommendations for various high quality Lotos plasma arc cutters. Lotos is among the leading brands in advanced manual and automatic plasma arc cutting systems, and ensures impeccable performance, reliability and flexibility. Owing to the superior cutting-edge performance that the Lotos plasma cutters feature, this leading brand has earned incredible responses from the consumers, somewhat like giving full 10 points on a scale of 10. However, before you move on to buy your high performance Lotos plasma arc cutter, there are certain important factors that are covered in the reviews, and may affect significantly your buying decision. Not to worry, the feedbacks and suggestions all play a positive role in making Lotos all the more favorable among the users.

Plasma cutter reviews lotos: important facts to consider!

Built with the most innovative and efficient electrical converter engineering technology, the Lotos plasma arc cutters and welders are among the leading brands in the industry, setting the global plasma arc cutter reviews lotosstandards for performance, flexibility, reliability, and value. All the Lotos plasma cutter models are loaded with high technology features and utmost convenience that makes them all the more favorable among the industries and household activities as well. Featuring innumerable functionalities and benefits, the Lotos plasma cutters are uniquely crafted and powerfully built to cut through stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, and other metal materials in the most convenient manner. The plasma cutter reviews Lotos comprises of the important plasma cutter features that are a specialty to Lotos, and are discussed here.

Plasma Cutter reviews lotos: Features

The Lotos plasma arc cutters and welders are built with the most innovative and powerful electrical converter technology, and specialize in certain special features that make these plasma arc cutters exceptionally high-performance cutting machines in the market. These cutting equipments conveniently convert 50/60Hz frequency from the power system to high pitch power of more than 100 KHz. This is facilitated by the V-MOSFET technology that converts the power supply in incredibly higher power in the form of rectification current and reducing the voltage. Using the invariable Pulse Width Modulation technology, the inverter power supply produces strong DC welding current that facilitates accurate and smooth cutting of all metal sheets with ease.

Unlike the traditional plasma arc cutters, the switch power inverter technology is used in the Lotos plasma cutting systems, thereby reducing the weight and dimensions of the primary transformer, making it compact and portable with the efficiency increased by almost 30%. Employing the high frequency cycle mode, you will find it utmost comfortable to strike a spark easily without having to retrigger the torch every time. This significantly saves the power supply, increasing the durability and efficiency of the plasma torch.

Thus, according to the important and most reliable plasma arc cutter reviews Lotos, the key features of Lotos plasma cutting systems can be summed up in ensuring you the following:

Reliability and Durability

Utmost Stabilization

Low noise output

Power efficiency


Smooth cuts

High cutting speed

Lotos Plasma Cutters

Lotos offers a wide range of automated and manual plasma arc cutters with superior technology features, and high performance capabilities. Discussed here are some of the most popular and widely used Lotos plasma arc cutter models with their high-efficiency features.

The Lotos LTP5000D is also represented as the 50amp Digital Inverter IGBT Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter that features an automatic dual frequency or dual voltage of about 110/220V and 50/60Hz. It is powered by the robust Infineon IGBT technology, invented by Siemens Germany, and also features the unique PAPST advanced German cooling system as well. With all these high-efficiency and super-powerful features, LPT5000D delivers a maximum cut thickness of about ½ mm, and a maximum severance thickness of about ¾ mm with much ease and at nominal timing. It comes with a number of high-quality genuine Lotos plasma cutting accessories and consumables, and a one year warranty on the labor and part only.

The Lotos Ultimate 60A IGBT Pilot ARC plasma Cutter LTP6000 also features the high quality IGBT technology with superior German cooling system, and speedy powerful cutting precision. With an input voltage of 200-240VAC, the power frequency for this plasma cutter is set at 50/60Hz with better performance only under 60Hz. The power factor is kept incredibly at 0.93 with a power efficiency of almost about 85%. Weighing as lower as only 38lbs with a more compact design, this plasma cutter is highly portable and can be conveniently used across various applications. The cutting specifications include 1.10 mm of maximum severance cutting, and 3 mm per minute @ 1.10 mm steel, 7 mm per minute @ 1 mm thick steel, and 17 mm per minute @ 6 mm thick steel. The duty cycle is well distributed as 100% at 40amp cut, and 60% at 60amp cut.

The other Lotos plasma arc cutters comprise of somewhat similar features with limited differences in power supply, voltage, weight, and size. The functionalities also remain the same with accuracy and precision varying depending on the model.

Finding the Best Lotos Plasma Cutters Online

Wondering how to find plasma arc cutters online?? Well, to add to your delight, today the advanced Internet technology has brought the much-demanding plasma cutters closer to you with the opportunity to shop online at great discount prices. There are plenty of E-commerce sites and online stores that provide a wide range of Lotos plasma arc cutter models with unique features and performance specifications. These online stores provide you the opportunity to review and compare different models conveniently online, and make the most suitable choice that matches your requirements. To add more to the delight, the important plasma cutter reviews Lotos feature the best product description and user experiences to guide you in your purchase decision. Moreover, you can enjoy almost 10-20% discounts on the original manufacturing price of the Lotos plasma arc cutters.

However, beware of the online scams while choosing the best plasma arc cutter, and look for the more reliable and reputed online stores that will provide you the genuine high quality product for your money. Check with different plasma arc cutter reviews Lotos online!!

Sneezing to Blame for Car Accidents?

Most of us have done it. Drivers young and old are guilty. It is likely that we all have sneezed at some time while behind the wheel. When cruising, crossing intersections, changing lanes and otherwise minding our business as we drive, the tingle can creep in at any time. After the tingle is panic, just as the realization sets in that one sneeze could cause an accident.

Most drivers make it through a sneeze while driving accident unscathed. But some do get into accidents caused by this one uncontrollable and unpredictable reflex. The dangers of sneezing while driving can be frightening.

Sneezing Behind the Wheel Statistics

Little research has been conducted on the subject of sneezing while driving in the U.S. But British researchers have paid attention and noted some remarkable statistics.

  • According to a study conducted by English cold and flu medicine Olbas Max Strength, over two million car accidents have been caused by sneezing.
  • British car repair company Halfords Autocentres reported that 2.6 million U.K. drivers admitted to taking their eyes off the road due to cold or flu symptoms. Halfords also blamed 2500 accidents each week during British winters on these unnamed cold and flu conditions. Of course, sneezes are the likeliest culprits to blame in these flu-generated wrecks.

In the United States, the National Safety Council (NSC) is clear that distracted driving is very deadly. That organization reports 1.6 million auto accidents are caused by distracted driving each year, specifically blaming the driver’s use of a cell phone or texting while driving. But the NSC has not provided statistics regarding sneezing and driving.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers distracted driving any form of vehicular operation that could be categorized under one or more of these three types:

  • Visual – eyes are taken off the road while driving
  • Manual – hands are taken off the wheel while the vehicle is moving
  • Cognitive – the driver’s mind is not focused on vehicle operation and safety while driving

Clearly sneezing while driving can fall under all three of those categories, at once. Beyond distraction, a particularly hard sneeze can add a violent head thrust to the reflex. Drivers have been known to hit their head on the steering wheel and other internal surfaces of the car.

According to Halfords, drivers sneezing behind the wheel while driving at 60 miles per hour may travel 50 feet or more with their eyes completely closed. Sneezes can cause temporary disorientation and watery eyes in their aftermath, adding to the distance potentially traveled without visual control.

American Roadway Accidents Caused by Sneezing While Driving

While statistical data is light for this category of distracted driving in the United States, the results of sneezing while driving are clear. Plenty of car accidents have been reported by police across the country.

  • In Missouri in 2012, the death of a single mother was blamed on a schoolteacher who lost control of her car due to a sneeze.
  • In New Hartford, New York, a driver veered off the highway due to a sneeze.
  • One woman in Massachusetts likely caused herself quite a fright when she rear-ended a state police cruiser due to a sneeze.
  • In San Leandro, California, a truck driver who sneezed caused an impact with 10 other cars.
  • A driver died after a sneeze-induced accident in Salisbury, Maryland in 2011.

Experts Weigh In on the Dangers of Sneezing While Driving

U.K. police official Steve Rounds said about sneezing while driving, “Sneezing can cause the sufferer to temporarily close their eyes.” He continued, “Driving a car with severe cold symptoms is certainly irresponsible and an accident leading to death or serious injury can expose the sneezing driver to dangerous driving charges.”

A Phoenix car accident attorney of Cantor Crane advises drivers to try to pull over and stop if a sneeze is coming. Your vehicle can be considered a deadly weapon when it is in motion. This makes it very important to focus on the roadway when behind the wheel. This means focusing your eyes and mind on the road, with your hands on the wheel. Because studies indicate that seven percent of sneezing drivers are in accidents due to their cold-related reflex, Crane emphasizes the importance of considering a sneeze as dangerous as other forms of distracted driving. “Your actions can cause injuries and even fatalities. So it is very important to be responsible the next time a sneeze is coming on while you are operating your vehicle.”

Three Clutch Issues to Be Resolved for the Smooth Performance of Your Car

Do you own a car or drive one? The number of automatic transmission vehicles has been growing now days. But, you can still find several vehicles with manual transmissions, which are performing well on the road. However, you need to be little careful with the gearbox and clutch to avoid any damage to the transmission or other integrated parts. Otherwise, you will have the need for Clutch & Gearbox Repairs very soon. However, regular service is must for every type of car to keep it maintained. Once, the day will come, when you will have to go for repairing your worn clutch or transmission at some garage center.

If you avoid this repairing work, then it may cause serious damage to your vehicle and thus you will have to spend more money on the repair.

Clutch is basically consisted of throwout/release bearing, clutch disc, and pressure plate. Flywheel, master and slave cylinders, and clutch fork are a few more parts that are important to make it function well. Clutch transmits the power from engine to gearbox and also disconnects the connection between transmission and engine when you shift the gear or put it in neutral.

You have read several articles and blogs about every symptom which let you inform that your vehicle’s transmission system has some problem. Here, we are trying to familiarize you with the most common issues with a clutch system, when you drive an MT vehicle.

Clutch Fluid Leak:

Clutch fluid and brake fluid are often taken interchangeably. If you find the brake fluid is leaking near the clutch pedal, then you need to look at this issue seriously. If it does happen, then you find difficulty in changing gears.

Slipping Clutch:

When you change the gear, a slight and smooth slip is fine. But, when it becomes harsh or starts slipping automatically while the clutch is engaged, then the issue needs to be taken seriously by car owners. Your vehicle’s clutch plate needs the repair or replacement work as soon as possible. Avoiding can cost you expensive with the damages of other adjacent parts, such as flywheel and pressure plate.

Clutch Master/Slave Cylinder Failure:

Clutch fluid travels from master cylinder to slave cylinder and thus transfers the action of clutch pedal to gearbox and clutch. When the clutch is depressed, the fluid flows from master to slave cylinder for the smooth clutch operation. Any leakage to these cylinders can make gear shifting difficult.

Inspect Your Vehicle & Make Necessary Repair and Replacement:

Resolving any of these issues is not possible by an unprofessional. However, you can handle basic types of repair work yourself, but handling heavy repairs, especially for the transmission is very difficult. Technicians can inspect your vehicle deeply for the problems and then decide whether to repair the component or replace the one.

Top 7 Vehicle Hack Items That Every Jeep Owner Must Own

Vehicle hacks are important because they can keep you out of trouble in various scenarios. Jeep owners love to go all out on their trips. If you are an avid driver and love to go on long road trips, you need to have a few hacks up your sleeves and prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario.

Here are top 7 vehicle hack items that will keep you out of trouble.

Snow Tracks

This goes without saying, if you plan to drive your Jeep in a snowy area, you need to make sure that you have the necessary gear for yourself and your Jeep ready. Snow tracks are convenient and compact chain devices that you can fit on your Jeep’s wheels to help them get enough traction on the snow.

Jeep Cooler

If you are planning on going on a long journey with friends/family, you must carry some food with you. A Jeep cooler is a compact electronic device that derives its power from your Jeep’s cigarette lighter power source. This small cooler will help you keep food items as well as drinks for prolonged periods.

Grippy Strips

Grippy strips are fantastic devices that help you organize your stuff in the Jeep’s cabin. We all have gone through the pain of losing our cellphone between the seats during a long journey. If you are one such clumsy person who desperately wants to keep the interiors of your Jeep clean, you must try these grippy strips. The strips act like a double-sided scotch tape and they stick to your dashboard. You can now use the open surface of the strip to place your phone or other essentials at a noticeable position.

Basic Tool Kit and User Manual

Most Jeep owners carry a small toolkit with them that can help them tighten some screws or bolts. However, without the proper instructions, it is possible that you actually worsen the conditions of your Jeep. It is always advisable to place your Jeep’s user manual in a clear plastic bag with the toolkit to make it easily accessible in case your Jeep breaks down.

Window Covers/Blinds

Window covers are nifty devices that you can use in case you are going to drive all day long. These covers stick to the side of your Jeep’s windows offering sunlight protection to the passengers. Now, your co-driver/passengers can easily enjoy a sun-free environment to rest for a while.

Inflatable Jeep Jack

An inflatable Jeep jack is a device that replaces the work associated with using a conventional mechanical Jeep jack. This Jeep jack derives its power from the vehicle to lift it up so that you can easily change the flat tire.

Rain Covers

If you own an open roof Jeep Wrangler, it is always a good idea to carry a set of extra rain covers to protect the essentials. These rain covers will help you protect the costly speakers and navigation system in your Jeep on a rainy day.

Follow one or more of these vehicle hacks to ensure that you go through your next long journey without facing any glitches.